Wednesday, July 27, 2011

summer is...

summer is...

zucchini. grilled with a lemon and thyme vinaigrette. quickly sauteed and tossed into pasta with lots of olive oil and tiny slivers of slightly toasted garlic. in moist, dense zucchini bread (with chocolate chips?). breaded in panko and oven fried to crispy-crunchy perfection.

reading. on the lake. in the shady backyard with an ice cold glass of quick sangria. on the beach, toes in the sand. 

coldbrewed homemade iced coffee with a splash of coconut milk.

boating and relaxin' on lake almanor. beer in hand, toes in the water.

winetasting with friends

mint, mint and more mint! (the one thing i can really grow) tossed in salads. made into a simple syrup for iced tea or lemonade. clipped and put in small vases and dotted here and there throughout the house.

road trippin' with my guy and my dog.

and smokin' stuff! so far... a whole chicken, a brisket and a boston pork butt for pulled pork sandwiches.

see what summer looks like to tracy of shutterbean here! (her summer is full of  basil and sage, strappy sandals and grey toenail polish and peach + blueberry crumbles. fun stuff!) 

what does summer look like to YOU???


  1. YUM!! I've been eating zucchini this week like it's going out of style! Also..reading the same book! Just started! You're summer looks nice and minty!

  2. Didn't love all of the book, but I did love this: "Five minutes in the life of a cooked egg ... is the difference between excellent and bullshit."

  3. yah, i couldnt quite get through that book. i only made it about half way through and took it back to the library.