Tuesday, June 21, 2011

easy peasy sangria

this is a super easy recipe for off the cuff sangria. there isn't any cointreau or brandy in it like a typical sangria but it hits just the right note with its fruitiness and light sweetness. i didnt even add any fizzy stuff at the end (and i dont miss it) but if you'd like you can add a splash of club soda, ginger ale or sierra mist after you pour it in your glass.

easy sangria

1 bottle sauvignon blanc
8 strawberries, stems removed, cut in half and smooshed a little with your hands (to set those berrytastic juices free)
1 orange, juiced into the jar then sliced thin
1 peach, skin removed, sliced thick
2T agave or simple syrup

mix it all up in a pitcher or large mason jar and put in the fridge. shake, or stir it, a few times over the next 24 hours or so. taste and add more agave if necessary.

if you are feelin' frisky, add a couple slices of peach, orange and a berry or 2 when you pour it into your glass. 

feelin' fancy?  add a sprig or two of mint, rosemary or tarragon.

you wild thing.

pull up a chair in the shade and sip.

aaaahhhhhh...so refreshing on a 102 degree day.

***i used an inexpensive bottle of sauvignon blanc that was not great on its own, but once you add all that fruit and some sweetener, it makes a tasty sangria.i didnt add brandy or cointreau simply because i didnt have any on hand but if you want a drink with a little more oomph! to it, feel free to add a little of each.

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