Tuesday, June 7, 2011

an ode to strawberries...

oh, sweet little red berry
full of summer's juice
how do i love thee
let me count the ways...

okay. i am no poet and will keep my day job but i do love me some sweet, tender, juicy little berries. i profess my love to all of the berries, i do not discriminate, but the summer sunshine (which just arrived this morning btw) just makes me dream of strawberries. 

my tiny garden is overflowing with red, ripe strawberries right now. unfortunately, most of them have been taste tested by bugs already. how the heck do i stop those critters from eatin my berries? those are my berries, damn it. 

i will swoop up a few baskets of those luscious little berries at farmer's market this weekend and here are a few ideas of what i can do to those sweet little things...

honey and jam tarts  honey + jam

strawberry summer cake smitten kitchen

its likely that my weekend laziness will overcome me and i might just roast some berries with a drizzle of good balsamic vinegar and serve them on toasted bread slathered with goat cheese.

what is your favorite strawberry recipe? my momma taught me that its nice to share. please share!


  1. With my frozen lemon curd. Mix the curd with whipped cream and use to frost a vanilla cake with jam or fruit between the layers.

    Or fresh on toast spread with goat cheese and honey drizzled over all.

    Or over yogurt with brown sugar or granola.

    And our family favorite, shortcakes for dinner!

    Love the blog...

  2. yay, someone broke my blog cherry and commented! thanks, anna.
    and yum, shortcakes for dinner?!? we are grown ass adults and if we want dessert for dinner, dessert it is. love it.

  3. I want shortcakes for dinner, dammit!

  4. shortcakes for dinner next week.totally done.