Tuesday, July 19, 2011

smoked pulled pork sandwiches + broccoli slaw

do you go to your local bbq joint and salivate over the tasty, juicy, smoky pulled pork sandwiches?

do you know that you can totally recreate that goodness at home?


granted, you need a smoker and 6 hours of patience to make this happen, but oh baby, its soooo worth

i dont have a recipe for the smoked pork (only because daniel is out in the real world right now as i write this, being a workin' man, so i can't ask him) but if you would like the recipe let me know and i will make that happen. basically- make a rub (its easy, promise), rub that boston butt all over with the rub and put it in the fridge overnight, and the next day put it in the smoker.


we slathered the sandwiches with some tangy red tail ale bbq sauce that i picked up at the local natural foods store. so good.

and then while the pork smokes, you can whip up this (super easy) broccoli slaw with almonds, raisins and a creamy buttermilk dressing.

the broccoli slaw recipe is from one of my favorite cookin' blogs, smitten kitchen. every recipe i have made of hers has been a winner. the only thing i changed was that we had raisins in the house so i threw those in instead of cranberries, but you can do raisins, golden raisins or cranberries, they would all be delish. i also added some shredded and chopped up carrots for a little more crunch. the salad was awesome and it was even awesomer (thats a word, right?) the next day.

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