Tuesday, April 8, 2014

kale + ricotta ravioli with homemade tomato sauce (and a side of toddler and mama meltdown)

i had such high hopes for these homemade ravioli. and don't get me wrong, they turned out pretty amazing and i am a convert for homemade(ish) ravioli now that i know how simple(ish) it can be. 

what i didn't factor into the equation was-- the mister coming home late from work (he works incredibly hard to support our little family and late nights once in a while have to be expected), the subsequent meltdown from the toddler because he was famished, add in that dada wasn't home and nix was missing him something fierce, and then the resulting mama meltdown that followed the toddler meltdown as i tried to boil water, finish filling the ravioli, puree the sauce, plate the wee one's food and soothe him (all at the same time, mind you) while keeping him out of the hot, hot, hot kitchen.
nixon needed dada and i needed a beer. don't judge.
there was a whole lotta melting down going on in this house tonight.

okee dokee, back to the ravioli.

they are made with wonton wrappers and i found mine at safeway in the aisle near the tofu. once you decide what you want to fill the wontons with, the rest is pretty simple. it goes by quickly if you mix up the filling ahead of time so the flavors can mingle and get all happy together, and then when it's time to assemble the ravioli, just prepare a little assembly line of wonton wrappers, filling, and a small bowl of water for sealing the edges.

i found the recipe in my everyday food magazine (martha stewart) and now that i know the method for making ravioli, i have all sorts of ideas for what to fill it with next. here is the original recipe.

i served ours with marcella hazan's tomato sauce because it is only the best.sauce.ever.

just think, if you have a little ricotta and some wrappers leftover, you could make some fried ravioli stuffed with ricotta, honey and cinnamon. 

and maybe a little orange zest?

drizzled with chocolate? 

yes, please.

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