Wednesday, April 30, 2014

babies and toddlers and shandys, oh my!

don't worry-- i know that from the blog post title you are seriously concerned that we are feeding our small humans beer + lemonade over here, but don't be silly, that would be wasteful and akin to alcohol abuse! 

although, that just might help them all sleep better...
i have some friends and their small humans coming over late this afternoon for a little mama respite and social interaction for the grown ups and the wee ones. i'm currently patting myself on the back for not trying to clean til i pass out/decorate/generally over-stress about 3 mamas and their 4 children coming to play. usually, i would be cleaning up a storm while silently (or not so silently) cursing up a storm because why oh why won't this floor stay clean, and whose idea was it to get a dog that is so. damn. furry and jeezo! why do we have SO MANY DIRTY DISHES in the sink at all times???
but nope. not me. not this time.
i started a little play group with a few friends and the rule is that there are to be no pretenses. you do not have to look cute. hey! you dont wanna shower? slap on a little extra deodorant and come onnnnn over! the kiddo has jelly smeared all over his face and peanut butter in his hair? whatevs. you didn't have the desire/time/energy to sweep the floor, vacuum and finish those dishes in the sink? we don't effing care! we just want to have a little grown up conversation, let the kiddos have some social interaction and maybe have an ice-cold shandy while we are at it.

i know that these ladies couldn't give a shit less about how clean my house is or whether i made some lovely snacks or even if i have gotten around to showering today. and i love it.

have you had a shandy before? you have, right? no? shut the front door! you must get on this.

basically, it is a lager or pilsner style beer + lemonade. i have gotten fancy and made the lemonade from scratch before but i love a simple, refreshing cocktail and this is about as easy as you can get--

2/3 part lager style beer (this time i am trying trader joe's bohemian lager)


1/3 part lemonade



serve over a tall glass of ice and feel free to add a couple lemon slices or some fresh mint. hell, feel free to make it 1/2 beer/1/2 lemonade or whatever mathematical equation makes you happy, happy, happy.

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