Sunday, April 6, 2014

chico love

(lower bidwell park)

we very recently had friends move to chico from san diego. they are friends from college days, and so they have lived here before, but its like a whole new town when you have been gone for 10+ years and are no longer in college AND you have a nearly one year old baby girl.

(sycamore pool)
 i helped convince them to make the enormous move back to northern california, they didn't need much convincing since we all see life differently now that we have small humans to think about, but i did text her plenty of pics of classic chico moments over the last year or so to try to persuade her to choose chico as their new home.

 (picnic at lower bidwell park near caper acres)

all those pics i sent her started me thinking about how much i truly, deeply and enormously love chico.

(spectacular autumn leaf show)

 (november on the esplanade)
we moved back to chico when the mister was offered a great position at a growing local company. he loves his work and we find ourselves feeling incredibly blessed to have made our way back to chico, where we met in college when i moved into the apartment next door to him.

we have family in town and close by and a huge circle of friends with small children here.

 we are so happy to have the barker family living in chico now, we look forward to sharing all these wonderful chico moments with them.

(cooling off at the river)

(one of the many, many pumpkin patches in the area)

(orchard during a freeze)

(spring blossoms)

(summertime at table mountain)

we are eager to share all these places with them.

(upper park)

i see lots of hikes in our future.

(csu chico campus)

i see many strolls on our old campus, chasing the kiddos while they play hide and seek among the redwoods and toss leaves in the air.

 (kite day in april, 20th street park)

(chico state university farm)

my love for chico has been rekindled and renewed.

mary- i hope your family gets settled in and comfortable here soon, in chico, your new home. i hope you are able to set your roots in and that they will grow deep, that the sadness of leaving san diego will be lessened by your love of your new home and its surrounding beauty.

welcome home! xo

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