Monday, October 21, 2013

sierra oro farm trail passport weekend extravaganza

holy crap, that was a really long title.

i had a superfabulouswonderful time on the passport weekend and i'm already looking forward to attending, with hubby and friends in tow, next year.

there were all sorts of amazing little bites at the stops that i made it to.

mim's had chocolate tortes and grand marnier truffles at odyssey winery.

local pa-pous oregano on cherry tomatoes on a mary's cracker.

 octopus art. loved it.

prints for sale at odyssey.

craig thomas and maria venturino, former owners of red tavern, current owners of farm star pizza. super charming and friendly and they made my day (and made me blush) when they asked what my food blog was and i told them and craig said "oh my gosh, we finally get to meet you!" they do amazing things with fresh and super local food and i was flattered that he knew of my blog and said how much he liked it. made my day, i say!

tasty flat bread from farm star pizza.

craig working his magic on that lovely flat bread that he had just pulled out of the amazing 3000lb wood-fired oven (that craig built!).

 my new friend, kevin, pouring great brews from sierra nevada. i loved the breakfast at chico's and probably went back for more "samples" then i should have and was an incredibly happy girl when i realized that instead of just drinking the shot glasses of beer i could buy an entire cup of it. 

it was a great time, even though i went solo, and i hope some of you made it out there and will put it on your calenders for next year.

more on my passport weekend here!

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