Sunday, October 20, 2013

on a mission

i am a mama on a mission. my mission is this- hit every. flippin. pumpkin patch in the chico area before the end of october makes its appearance.

thus far, we have been to maisie jane's, henshaw, book family farm and julia's fruit stand . i wrote about all the patchy goodness in my column, edible bits, here.


my mom and i took nixon to nash ranch in redding last week and i just couldnt help myself with this costume! he is going to be a little fox for halloween but he kills me in it so much that i had him wear it to the patch.

i mean, seriously.

i am so not, not, N O T a traditionalist in any sense of the word, and so i kinda shun the basic orange pumpkin and find myself drawn instead to the more exotic looking ones: the gorgeous blue-grey ones; white fairytale pumpkins; the freaky, lumpy-bumpy frankenstein beauties.

today, we are headed to tj farms estates and i can't wait to tuck that one under my belt! i still need to hit country pumpkins in orland and patrick ranch

so many patches, so little time!

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