Wednesday, November 13, 2013

dig out your eating pants

i have been thinking about thanksgiving since the first day of november. i get rather frantic and crazed each year trying to decide what to make for that momentous meal and i always end up changing my mind one hundred and two times (roasted brussel sprouts with pancetta and balsamic. no! brussel sprouts braised in heavy cream. wait! can i make panko-encrusted deep fried brussel sprouts?!?). there is just too much delicious food to make a decision.

do you feel me?

we will be having a small thanksgiving meal at home this year with daniel's mom and then on saturday we head to my parent's house to do round two. since there will be only 3 adults and one half-pint kiddo, i know i should reign myself in and NOT make 5 side dishes but, oh mama, i wanna.

mashed potatoes are a must, with gravy, of course, and then there is stuffing (i made a completely-from-scratch cornbread/sage/llano seco sausage stuffing a couple years ago that is definitely an option), the mister cranks out some amazing cranberry sauce and we will be smoking a turkey breast. 

but what about sweet potatoes? roasted and pureed sweet potatoes mixed with maple syrup and bourbon and topped with crispy, salty bacon would be a welcome addition to any turkeyday table, me thinks.

i also have a butternut squash gratin with sage, gruyere and cream on my mind.

do you give as much thought to your thanksgiving meal as i do? what is going on your table this year?

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