Thursday, October 10, 2013

edible bits

as i bundled up this morning in boots and a sweater, i started thinking about how it seems summer has bestowed its last blasted hot day upon us and stepped aside to let fall blow on in.

along with the new season came a new adventure for me. i have been busy writing for the synthesis  the past month or so and i feel like i am getting into the zone and having fun while i'm at it!

so far i have written 5 articles for my column and i am still working out the kinks- figuring out when and where to use the damn colon and semicolon, finding a way to scale back my apparent wordiness so that i can squeeze what i want to say into 450-500 words (i know that i am chatty in real life so i guess it makes sense that i am wordy in type, too) and going over all basic punctuation and grammar. obviously, on this blog, i dont even bother with capitalizing, but that's just an aesthetic thing for me, i like the way all lower case letters looks.

 is that weird? maybe it's weird?

anyhoooo, if you are reading my column (and i sincerely hope you are!) please bear with me as i get the hang of this published writing thing down and feel free to ask any questions, make comments or suggest column ideas.

here are the articles i have written so far-

thank you for all your support!


  1. Where can we find these articles? :)

    1. hey t! hover over each of the article titles at the end of that post and it should take you to the link. if not, lmk!