Monday, October 29, 2012

hello from mamaland

i just put the wee one to bed and realized a few things...1) i'm not exhausted today thanks to the LARGE chunks of sleep we have been getting the past few nights 2) i haven't written a blog post in a long time 3) since i'm not thoroughly exhausted (see #1) i want to write a little something for this here blog that i have been missing.

i figured out this weekend that i really need to utilize the fact that the mister is here on the weekends to snuggle the bebe while i plan, shop and cook for the week. if you would've told me i should be doing this 4 weeks ago, i would've laughed (very loudly and possibly rudely) in your face since i had zero energy for that crazy business. but now, i have more energy, we are getting some really good sleep (HUZZAH!) and i can do more than stand in the frozen aisle at the local market, wondering which frozen meals are "healthiest" and if it is acceptable to eat boxed mac and cheese 3 nights/week.

i feel like i am slowly getting back in the kitchen and man, i have been missing it.

sunday, i made carnitas from a local, organic pork shoulder that i picked up at farmer's market, made a big batch of brown rice and baked some chocolate chip cookies. we had rice, black beans, carnitas and salsa bowls last night for dinner and then tomorrow we will have carnitas taco salad. tonight, i whipped up a frittata with niman ranch sausage and sharp cheddar and we had that for dinner with toasted local sourdough and avocado slices. the beauty of the frittata is that it came together quickly and now we have leftovers for breakfast or lunch for the next couple of days. such a good thing for busy mamas and papas.

we will be having tuna melts (don't make that face, they are delicious!) one night and a big salad and garlic bread another night. i'm seeing that planning planning planning ahead is going to be crucial to us eating tasty and healthy meals now that we have a little 3rd member of our family.

i am up for the task!

i hope to be posting more often here, but in the meantime, thank you for being patient with me and please don't give up on me!

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