Thursday, January 26, 2012

what i do when i'm not in da kitchen

i have been busily working on my etsy shop and on the packaging for all of my goods for the past couple of weeks and i'm so excited that it is now open! i also sell my items at a local shop, cocoon, and have been working on a batch of goodies to drop off there. 

i am feeling incredibly fortunate right now that i am able to not work right now and am able to focus on what brings me happiness and a sense of fulfillment at the end of the day. a big, huge, super-loud shout out and THANK YOU to my better half, he that makes this all possible. he supports me in whatever i decide to do (or not do) and i am one lucky lady to have him by my side!

the daycare i owned was a good thing while it lasted, but taking care of other people's babies when we don't have our own was wearing on my heart and so it was time to close the business and focus on my happiness... and i'm so glad i did! 

this here blog will always be about food, cooking and the love of all things bacon, but i feel like it is just starting to evolve into a space where i can also share my other passion, being creative.

i think the beginning of a new year, a year that holds exciting and endless possibilities, is the perfect time to grow, don't you?

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