Thursday, September 1, 2011

awnawd pawmer

does anyone else have a hard time pronouncing 'arnold palmer'?

when i say it, it comes out more like 'awnawd pawmer'.

no? ok, it's just me.

this drink doesn't even require a real recipe, it's that simple.

fill a glass with ice + throw in some lemon slices + fill half the glass with iced tea + fill the other half with lemonade... and you're done!

now find a sunny spot in the garden in the morning, grab a favorite magazine and relax.

btw...i used santa cruz organics lemonade and tejava iced tea. i have made it with lemonade made from scratch- which required me squeezing about a million lemons, while i had a cut on my hand, and i tried to take it like a big girl, but oh good golly, it hurt! so this is the way easier route and its just as tasty.

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