Wednesday, September 7, 2011

yeah, we ate all this (santa barbara and carmel trip)

red peppers stuffed with ground beef, summer squash, rice, white wine, tomato sauce, garlic, onions + thyme and mac + cheese with cheddar, gruyere and pancetta

la super rica taqueria, santa barbara. totally worth the wait in line. those frijol super rica were delish- pinto beans w/chorizo, bacon and jalapenos. tasty pork and steak tacos on super soft flour tortillas.

loco moco- hamburger patty, rice, fried egg and brown gravy

ojb's- orange juice + pabst blue ribbon = breakfast of champions!

peanut butter + chocolate cups with slivered almonds


on state street. daniel had the best iced mocha he's ever had and i had an awesome iced tres leches latte

shoreline beach cafe, santa barbara. not a bad view for breakfast and our toes were in the sand. awesome carnitas and eggs.

our favorite meal of the trip...

goat cheese pancakes with smoked salmon, creme fraiche and caviar


fettucini with homemade lamb sausage, tomatoes and spinach. oh my. so good.

so sorry for that awful pic of the dessert. it was most definitely NOT awful. a creamy and light coconut cake with fluffy frosting covered in shredded coconut sitting in a pool of sweet creme anglais. i hurt myself eating that. hurt so good.

jane was definitely the highlight meal of the trip. it is located on state street, has friendly and unobtrusive service, strings of cute little white globe lights strung across the interior and the food. was. awesome. you must go there. you must.

daniel had the iceberg wedge salad for a starter and the blue cheese dressing was perfect- tangy from the blue cheese, creamy, not too thick and liberally sprinkled with lots of salty pieces of bacon. for dinner, he had the skirt steak in madeira peppercorn sauce. the steak was perfectly cooked and the sauce was super flavorful and peppery.

salumeria luca, carmel by the sea. we grabbed sandwiches and gelatto here and then headed to the beach for a picnic. we both had the sicilia (italian ham, calabrese salami, salsa rustica, giardiniera, provolone) and i had the honey ricotta gelatto and daniel had the strawberry and cantaloupe sorbetta. this place is definitely a must!

now that you have seen what we ate during our vacation, i'm sure you understand why we are eating veggies, veggies, veggies for the rest of the week!

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