Monday, February 16, 2015

slow cooker korean grass-fed short ribs

I am basically throwing this recipe up while the toddler inhales his breakfast so it will be a quickie!

Some lovely friends of ours made this for us when we went over there on Superbowl Sunday and I must say it was the best damn football-related food I have ever had the pleasure of ingesting.

The recipe hails from America's Test Kitchen, the holy land of recipes, if you ask my husband and me. The recipe i will link to below is from nomnom paleo and is just a paleo-friendly version of the ATK recipe. If you are paleo-inclined, then go right on ahead and follow the recipe exactly as she has it. If you want to make it the "regular" way just sub soy sauce for the coconut aminos, skip the fish sauce (the combo of the soy + fish sauce would make it too salty) and use regular vinegar in place of the coconut vinegar.

We picked up our short ribs from Divide Ranch at the Farmer's Market.

The long cooking time transforms these meaty little ribs into something tender and full of flavor that pairs oh-so-nicely with a soft pile of polenta, mashed potatoes or rice. It would be blasphemy NOT to serve these on top of some sort of starch to soak up all the delicious, savory juices.

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