Tuesday, February 5, 2013

sweet, sweet sugar rush

when you waltz into donut rising, the first thing you notice is the bright, cheery and fun interior. well, after you notice the intoxicating aroma of maple icing, bacon and fresh cake donuts.

they also now offer breakfast sandwiches just in case its a morning that your sweet tooth is still asleep.

with options like the o'canada bar (maple bar with a slice of bacon along the top. heaven.), chico nut (raised donut filled with house-made nutella custard and topped with local walnuts) and the blueberry fritter (exactly as it sounds) you may be standing there drooling not knowing which donut to take home with you. 


i went with the  chico nut to celebrate world nutella day (who comes up with these food holidays?! i'd like to shake his or her hand), a maple old fashioned and a simple glazed cake donut. the last two are for the mister and the chico nut was for me.

that custard above was so flipping good- creamy and nutella-y but not overly sweet, which will ruin a good custard every time. i wanted to gobble the entire thing down and lick my fingers but i showed a little restraint and saved half for the mister.


hightail it on in there and grab yourself a couple of fancy donuts, i got 3 for just under $5.oo. 

tell them brown sugar and bacon sent ya!

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