Thursday, August 9, 2012

things i'm a'lovin'

some dear friends of ours just had a beautiful baby girl and i seem to have bebe on my brain. this birth announcement and this announcement are adorable.

zack galifianakis and will ferrell together? i'm all over it.

i like to throw in paleo friendly meals each week just to lessen our dependence on grains. this farmer pie (with a pretty purple cauliflower topping!) from nom nom paleo is going on the list of recipes to try.

i could eat a whole basket, maybe even two, of those buttery, cheesy biscuits from that big chain seafood restaurant. now i can make them at home!

i want to buy like 20 of these big, colorful balloons from geronimo. so charming and fun.

someday, one day, someday, we will own an airstream. i want to revamp the inside and make it supercute, like this.

i love zucchini, i could eat it every single day, but the mister isn't really on board for that. do you love it, too? how about, whipping up some zucchini bread pancakes,  zucchini rice gratin, baked zucchini chips, baked zucchini fries,  or zucchini lasagna?

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