Monday, June 18, 2012

my favorite summer berry

if you have been following my facebook page, you know that i am more than slightly obsessed with strawberries right now. they are, for certain, my most favorite summer berry. don't get me wrong! i adore blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, but the sweet strawberry truly owns my heart (and belly).

i made this fluffy and spectacular buttermilk strawberry cake a few weeks ago

and then i used the last few berries to adorn our morning waffles with some honey ricotta cream.

these gluten free strawberry cupcakes from elana's pantry were pretty darn tasty.

last summer, i finally conquered my fear of pie crust and made this flaky, strawberry +  blueberry galette. i totally nailed it.

this weekend, i used a recipe for freezer jam, from a friend's aunt, that we just can't seem to get enough of. our friend earl makes sure to smuggle a few jars home with him when he comes back from visiting his aunt in oregon, and daniel's face lights up like christmas morning when he sees those little ruby red jars of delight! seriously, this stuff is good on everything-ice cream, yogurt, ricotta, toast, goat cheese + crackers, fingers and spoons.

i used the rest of the berries this weekend to make a quick balsamic, strawberry + orange zest sauce that was amazing on some vanilla ice cream and equally awesome in milkshakes last night.

need some more inspiration to get your butt to the farmer's market and pick up a flat of summer berries? check it. i promise that these roasted strawberry + coconut milk popsicles are going to be happening soon in my kitchen!

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