Monday, June 25, 2012

i'm looking for apricot inspiration!

for the past two summers, our crooked apricot tree has quietly sat dormant in the corner of our backyard, offering us no fruit. however, the first year we lived in this house it produced so many little orangey jewels that even though we had several friends come harvest and we picked apricots every day, there were still pounds and pounds of apricots that rotted on the tree and ground. we just couldn't keep up!

i am so happy that this year it has come back to life and currently bears about 2 tons of apricots that will be ripening over the next several days. i am determined to share them with friends and neighbors and find lots of creative ways to cook them so that i don't have to watch them waste away on the tree or the ground.

i have a few ideas of what to make with these juicy, sweet little gifts, but i would LOVE to hear from YOU. what should i do with these?


  1. I'm actually cooking this tonight. I've never had it before but it sounds yummy!

  2. sounds delicious, i rarely cook with tarragon but i bet it would complement the apricots nicely!