Sunday, May 6, 2012

cheesy baked spinach

this baked spinach recipe is a mash-up of several of julia child's spinach recipes. deb from smitten kitchen found this to be the winning combo and i definitely agree. 

stemming this much spinach is a bit of a time consuming task, so by all means, enlist a friend/lover/ mom/stranger off the street to help you with the prep work. 

i suggest bribing them with a boozy beverage!

my only adjustments to this recipe were that i didn't dot the spinach with more butter before i baked it since i felt like it had enough fat in it, and i used a mix of half and half and organic chicken stock.

as you can see from the first photo, we had ours with some buttered local sourdough and topped it with a glorious fried egg (always a happy addition).

next time, i will add a hit of acid while i steam the spinach, probably some fresh lemon juice, but i'm thinking a little red wine vinegar would do the trick, too. we felt like it could use a little brightness to balance the richness from the cheese and the heavy green flavor of the spinach. 

via smitten kitchen

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