Sunday, April 29, 2012

things i'm a'lovin'

this warm, almost hot, weather has me looking forward to summer- cool water, brightly colored towels, blindingly sunny days, icy cold moscow mules, sweet-tart homemade lemonade, backyard bbqs. 

summer is approaching swiftly, can you feel it?

here are some things that have been on my mind while i contemplate what this summer is going to look like for us...

i love, love, LOVE bright, strong colors and echo has lovely hued items for you and your home.

the renegade craft fair is coming up in san francisco in july and i hope to make it this year!

i'm not the biggest fan of french fries ( i know, i know-blasphemy) but i'm totally on board for these cornmeal crusted eggplant fries. she also has links to zucchini fries, polenta fries and baked green bean fries. i'm all over this.

nothing satisfies my desire for lemonade quite like homemade, hand-squeezed lemonade. we love santa cruz organics lemonade, but really, homemade is so worth it. i have been known to infuse the simple syrup with mint, basil or lime but this lavender lemonade will be a new one for me. i can't wait.

i am scarf obsessed-i have 14 scarves and keep on collecting more! they are such a fun, versatile accessory and an easy way to punch up a mediocre outfit with some color, pattern and/or texture. i also love a good diy, so this is right up my alley.

the sartorialist is one of my go-to places when i want/need/must have some fashion eye candy. 

i am determined to have the best dressed baby around (not really, but i do LOVE cute kiddo clothes). naartjie and tea make some adorable stuff. adorable, i say!

i have some sweet vintage fabric that i have been trying to find the perfect use for, i think this may be it.

***life is crazy right now, in the most lovely, hopeful and happy way, but crazy none the less. i promise to do my best to get on a schedule with these wednesday (ahem, sunday) ''things i'm a'lovin'' posts. ***

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