Saturday, April 14, 2012

vegan potato, chickpea + spinach vindaloooooo

this meal is a shortcut way to get dinner on the table in no time. there is zero shame in using pre-made sauces and if you shop right, they can be delicious and healthy. i found this vegan vindaloo sauce in the refrigerated section of my local hippie market and they also make a butter sauce and a tikka masala sauce. 

i also just like to say vin da looooooo, so there is that.

i had some canned chickpeas in the cupboard, a few potatoes rolling around the counter and some leftover spinach and so i bought this sauce and made some rice and dinner was a-served!

i rinsed the chickpeas and spinach

diced and parboiled a couple potatoes for 6 minutes then drained them

and put it all in a pot with the sauce and cooked over medium heat until the spinach was wilted to my liking, about 10 minutes. 

we enjoyed it over a small scoop of rice, with a tortilla warmed in a dry cast iron skillet and slathered in garlic buttah to sop up any extra sauce that needed a good sopping.

i used 2 tubs of the sauce and it made enough food for 8 servings.

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