Wednesday, April 11, 2012

things i'm a'lovin'

i have been on the hunt for a great crossbody bag, and i think that this one from madewell would make me a happy girl. if money were no object (siggghhhh) i would order this one in a heartbeat.

i want to bake some homemade whoopie pies. mainly so that i get to say whhhooopppiiieee! 

i just picked up the book bloom by kelle hampton (i have mentioned her beautiful blog before) today at target and i am already having a hard time putting it down.

denim jackets- yay or nay? i'm considering...

so many lovely knitting + sewing projects, so little time. i wish that i knew how to sew!

i've been looking for a couple modern industrial bookshelves so that we could have a mini library in the living room in the reading nook. i want.

summer is almost here and that has me thinking about outdoor living and making the most of our outdoor space. loads of inspiration and diys to gussy up your outdoor spaces here.

1 comment:

  1. denim jackets = yay, esp. w/ cute sudresses in the spring and summer.