Wednesday, January 18, 2012

french chicken in a pot (poulet en cocotte)

i am about to bundle up and run out the door to run errands, but i wanted to get this recipe up as quickly as i could in the hopes that you will make it for dinner tonight!

this bird came out so tender and juicy and delicious and it was super simple to do the prep and pop it in the oven.

i apologize for the sloppy pics, i just wanted to eat my lunch so i didn't have my patient pants on whilst taking the pictures. (patient pants and eating pants are 2 very different types of leg wear. trust me)

i made a big pot of local organic brown rice and some broccoli to accompany this chicken, but believe me when i say that the bird and the jus (juice, yes, chicken juice) were the star of the dinner show.

oh mama, that jus was silky and rich and lightly flavored with the thyme and bay leaf that roasted with the bird. poured, with a heavy hand, on that simple brown rice and topped with the tender and moist shredded chicken?


get this on your table as soon as you can, with rice, mashed potatoes or even a roasted sweet potato to sop up all that chickeny jus.

you won't be disappointed.

french chicken in a pot recipe here.

*** i used 2 sprigs of thyme since my rosemary bush is looking a little sad.

*** for the jus, skim off as much fat as you can but don't obsess over getting all of it off. when you store it in the fridge for a few hours, the fat will rise to the top nicely and is very easy to remove.

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