Saturday, January 14, 2012

dandelion dreams

i have been a busy, busy girl.


i have been hanging out on the couch with a cup of french press coffee, a stack of soft, recycled felt and my brightly colored embroidery floss.

i have been playing with buttons and yarn, too. and loving it!

cooking is a creative outlet that i love, but i have also always enjoyed creating and crafting things. in the past that has meant creating with paper (flowers, garlands, cards) but, i just discovered felt and an embroidery needle and i like it. 

like, a lot. 

the feel of the soft, gently fuzzy felt. the different textures of the embroidery floss, yarn, buttons. the sharply cold needle. such a change from the wooden spoon, the knife, the carrots and onions and herbs and meat. different is good.

i have been blessed enough the past few months to not have to work (thank you, husband!) and have been spending my time doing some soul searching and finding my creativity again.

and i am so elated, overjoyed, happy, giddy to announce that my very own, brand new etsy shop, dandelion dreams, will be opening on monday!

i hope you stop by the shop and say hello!

i will still be chopping, sauteing and roasting and sharing those adventures and outcomes here with you, but i will also be sharing my adventures with dandelion dreams. 

hello, 2012. i am ready for you.

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