Saturday, December 3, 2011

oh mon dieu! pain perdu

oooh lala, i was feeling fancy this morning and felt like making some pain perdu.

oui, tres bon!

never mind that it is the exact same thing as french toast, i just like saying pain perdu.

pain perdu is traditionally made with stale bread, so last night before heading to bed, i set out 3 slices of cinnamon swirl bread from trader joe's. the dry texture of the bread helps it to soak up the custard and keeps it from turning into a soggy mess.

i put the bread in the oven for the night, for safe keeping, since our pooch loves carbs. in the past, i have made the mistake of leaving bread, tortillas and, once, a pumpkin loaf, on the counter and coming home to nothing but crumbs and a satisfied dog with a very full belly.

mix up the custard of eggs, half and half, pure vanilla extract, cinnamon and a pinch of salt.

place the stale bread in a shallow dish and pour the custard over it. let soak 8 minutes, then flip the bread and let soak 8 minutes more.

soak in that custard, you cinnamony slices of carby heaven!

heat 2T of butter and 1T of canola oil in a skillet and cook the bread 3 minutes per side, til golden brown.

put a little pat o buttah and drizzle with some warm maple syrup and get ready to live. the outside is golden and crusty and the inside is creamy from that egg custard, with notes of vanilla and cinnamon.

c'est tres bon!

original pain perdu recipe from martha

you could also add some fresh orange zest, rum or (the mister's suggestion) grand marnier to the custard.

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