Thursday, December 29, 2011

homemade applesauce

i don't have a lot of words today, but i promised to get the recipes up for applesauce and then applesauce muffins, so here we go...

homemade applesauce is dead easy, simply delicious and good for babies on up to grown ups. this recipe has zero added sugar since apples are plenty sweet on their own. apples, cinnamon, a couple edges of lemon peel and water is all it takes to make applesauce. i like to add a splash of vanilla extract the last five minutes the apples are simmering.

let the applesauce simmer away, then smash and puree. that's it!

applesauce recipe via smitten kitchen

then i just used the applesauce to make applesauce muffins. unfortunately, i wasn't all that happy with the results of the muffins so i won't be sharing a recipe for them. i tried to patch 2 recipes together to make my own, and while the results were good, and definitely edible, i don't think they were good enough to share here.

i hope to have better luck next time!

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