Wednesday, December 28, 2011

ham coming out of your ears?

so, do you? do you have leftover holiday ham coming out of your ears?

this happens every holiday season when some well-meaning cook bakes a 20 lb ham, thinking it will just be enough to feed the 8 people they have coming over for dinner. and, to be fair, if they were ONLY serving ham for the holiday feast, sure, it would be just enough. but, you add in the mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing AND 3 different types of dessert and now you can see why there are 16 lbs of ham left at the end of the meal.

now. what the heck do ya do with all that leftover ham that she/he insisted you haul home with you?

don't worry, i've got ya covered...

grilled ham, swiss, mustard and pickle sandwich (think cubano, minus the roast pork)

fried rice with ham, scallions, peas and scrambled eggs  (use 1T soy sauce in place of the rice vinegar)

tortellini w/light alfredo sauce (i use buitoni), ham and peas

pot o' pinto beans- use a hunk of ham instead of the bacon

i hope these recipes inspire you to eat all that ham! (i'm looking at you, jess!)

if you have some suggestions/recipes for that ham, please share!

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