Saturday, December 24, 2011

happy holidays

i'm sitting here with the mister, watching a christmas story, eating bourbon truffles and drinking a glass of wine.

it's the eve of christmas, a day when the general population of the world surrounds themselves with family and counts their blessings. this hasn't been our year (neither was the previous year), but we sit together, and count our blessings for having each other to lean upon in times of need.

this is a food blog and so, i try to stick with posts about food and cooking, but sometimes i like to veer from that script and talk about real life. in real life, my husband and i struggle with the (endless) wait to adopt a baby. but even in our times of sadness, if we squint our eyes just so, life is still beautiful. we have each other and our health and the belief in our souls that this is our path and that life will give us what we need, when we need it.

this year, for the holidays, i wish that you would hug your children close and give thanks for having them in your lives. count all the blessings, big and small, that you have in your lives. sit down with friends or family, eat a delicious meal and say what you are thankful for.

this year i am thankful for...

first (always), the mister. friends that get me. our furry beast, bella. family. cinnamon infused bourbon truffles. red wine. finding my creativity again. cauliflower gratin (oh mama, it's delish). cinnamon candles from nantucket home. hope.

i wish you a beautiful holiday season, full of light, peace and laughter and whatever it is you need to make you feel loved and happy.

happy holidays!

brown sugar + bacon

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