Thursday, October 27, 2011

tin roof bakery

please tell me you have visited tin roof bakery.

what?!? you haven't? oh, you must.

(that chico chai macaroon is ridiculously good, as is their lavender macaroon.)

oh mama, this is one of my favorite treats that they offer. the almond croissant is a flaky, light, buttery croissant cut in half and then stuffed with fluffy marzipan (almond paste). i don't know how they get the marzipan so fluffy (magic?) but it works.

for dessert you can find- cookies, cupcakes, berry kuchen, slices of cake and mini eclairs (just to name a few things). they also make beautiful custom cakes.

tin roof also has a nice variety of rotating menu items for lunch. today for sandwiches, they had a tuna salad sandwich on a croissant, a cubano, an italiano, a veggie with hummus and this

roast beef on their homemade bread (duh) w/buttermilk fried onions, swiss cheese and creamy horseradish. oh yum.

(sorry for all the glare on the pic above but the lovely afternoon sun was shining in on those glass display cases.)

they also have a few different green salads (ceasar, apples, walnuts + blue cheese), some varied mini sandwiches and potato salad. the menu changes a little every day or two, and so its nice to be able to go in there and have something different on the menu. in the fall/winter they also make delectable soups from scratch.

they also happen to make my very favorite ciabatta that makes even the most mundane sandwich suddenly spectacular!

stop in and get a cup of delicious coffee and a breakfast pastry, have some tasty lunch, pick up a loaf of fresh bread, or just bring one (or two) of their perfect treats home with you.

you won't be sorry!

tin roof bakery & cafe is located at 627 broadway street, suite 170, in chico.

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