Thursday, October 27, 2011

a pretty bird and a few words on excavating

i promise to post another tasty vegetarian recipe soon, but this ain't it, folks.

i have been waxing (maybe, not so) poetic about my love of comfort food since the temperature has dipped below 80. i'm currently going through some soul searching (what should i do with my life? what brings me true happiness? how should i get my hair cut???), and am feeling the desire to eat food that brings warmth and comfort to my belly and my soul.

have you ever searched your soul? it's kind of like excavating. gentle excavating. you dig, you get a little dirty and you have the knowledge, while you are elbow-deep in all the muck, that you will find exactly what you are seeking if you just keep at it and keep on digging. persistence is key here. try to ignore the dirt under your fingernails. and on your elbows. and on your cheeks.

keep at it. you never know what you may find.

while you are doing all that hard work, please remember to reward yourself- get plenty of rest, be gentle with yourself, and nourish that soul. with herb + lemon roast chicken.

your soul, and stomach, will thank you.

herb roasted chicken recipe via the pioneer woman (i added 3 strips of lemon zest to the herb mixture before chopping)

and then, if you need a little extra sustenance, roast some sweet potatoes rubbed in olive oil, at 375 degrees, for 1 hour. let cool, peel the skin off, and smash or puree with a little butter, a little half and half and a sprinkle or three of salt.

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