Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i win.

let me tell you, this little potato was a worthy opponent. worthy. with all it's starch and attitude and resistance, it definitely gave me a run for my money.

but me?  i'm determined and spunky and persistent. my persistence payed off here. big time.

look at those hash browns. crispy on the outside and fluffy (not slimy!) on the inside.

i win.

now, the journey to get from that first picture to the second picture went a  little something like this...

i shredded it

i rinsed the shredded potato thoroughly. 3 times. " you gots ta get that starch out da potato." the sage advice i got from a friend. thanks, b-mo!

after the rinsing, i could see and feel the difference in the potato. it was lighter and fluffier and didn't leave that starchy feeling on my fingers anymore.

i heated up some bacon fat and then cooked the hash browns for 7 minutes on medium. then, i flipped em and cooked them for another 6 minutes.

and then i did this

lastly, i did this

one small potato was enough for 1 person. moi!

loose recipe for hash browns

  • peel and then shred 1 russet potato
  • rinse, rinse, rinse the shredded potato and then squeeze, squeeze, squeeze all the moisture out of it
  • heat about 1T bacon fat, butter, or canola oil in a small nonstick skillet over med/med low heat
  • add the shredded potato to the hot skillet, press them down firmly and now don't touch
  • let sizzle and cook about 7 minutes, turn heat up to medium and then let brown for about 2 or 3 minutes
  • carefully flip the browns and cook another 5-7 minutes until crispy, golden and delicious.
  • fry an egg and put it on it if you are feeling naughty.


  1. I never crave hash browns because of the slimy effect. You may have just saved breakfast or ruined my life. Thank you/curse you! ; )

  2. i had the same problem, but now that i have discovered the secret (rinse! squeeze!) these will definitely be making an appearance on the menu more often. also, if you want to add more flavor, add a T or so of shredded yellow onion to the hash browns before you put them in the skillet. and/or add a squirt (or two) of sriracha to the ketchup to make spicy ketchup. yum!