Tuesday, August 9, 2011

my kind of bucket list

do you have a list (mental or on paper) of places you would like to eat someday?

you don't?

cuz i do.

is that weird?
at the top of my list is no. 1  chez panisse  berkeley, ca

image via the amateur gourmet

i have been to alice waters' berkeley cafe, cafe fanny (where i had a dee-lish croque monsieur) but have yet to make it to chez panisse. 

no. 2  the french laundry  yountville, napa valley

i haven't had the pleasure of  dining at any of thomas keller's restaurants yet (poor me) but have heard nothing but fabulous things about what that man can do with food. ad hoc and bouchon bakery are on the list, too.

no. 3  farm @ the carneros inn, sonoma, ca

 both images via the carneros inn

the carneros inn is highly fabulous (which = tres expensive) and we would love to stay in one of their adorable little modern cottages, stroll to dinner at farm and then waddle back to our lovely room. we have had the pleasure of eating at boon fly cafe and that was so very good. we had fresh little donuts served with a warm chocolate sauce for dipping. awesome.

no. 4   chez spenser  san francisco

our friends had the pleasure of dining here one weekend when they were in the city and raved, raved, raved about it.

no. supper club sacramento

this one is a little bit of a cheat since we ate there once with friends when we lived in sacramento, but i remember how interesting and delicious all the dishes were and i yearn to go back.

no. farmer brown san francisco

this one is also a repeat, we went there last time we were in the city and oh my good golly, that was one of the tastiest meals we had ever had! the southern fried chicken with hamhock greens were so flippin good. so. flippin. GOOD!

no. 7   delfina san francisco

i would love to eat here or pizzeria delfina

no. cafe japengo   la jolla, ca

we lived in san diego for a few years and loved it there, the only downside was how expensive everything was! i was a nanny for a family in la jolla for a while and cafe japengo was their fave restaurant in la jolla and i always wanted to try it.

i just realized that all of these places are in california and actually, all within a few hours of where i live so it looks like i should be able to sample all these places, easy peasy!

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