Thursday, July 14, 2011

summer grub

i've decided that since i spend my spare time reading magazines (about food) and blogs (about food) and cookbooks (duh. about food) that i should start a list of summery recipes that i would like to make and do so for the rest of the season. the goal will be to try to make at least 2, ideally 3, things off this list each month until the list is complete. that way, all those tasty recipes that i bookmark won't get lost in the stacks of cookbooks and food magazines i have lying around.

since summer sticks around our little northern cali town until the end of september ( and sometimes october) i should be able to plow my way through this list, no problem!

i've scoured my favorite food blogs, magazines, and cookbooks and here is what i have come up with...

let's start with doughnuts!

(image via shutterbean)

farm stand buttermilk donuts, shutterbean, ended up making some by 101 cookbooks and i added a vanilla bean glaze!

bourbon orange coriander bbq sauce, joy the baker

homemade ricotta, smitten kitchen

cream biscuits, orangette

(image via what katie ate)

pulled pork sliders with homemade apple slaw , what katie ate done!

mini greek lamb burgers, everyday food

vegetarian summer rolls, everyday food

broccoli slaw, smitten kitchen totally made this!

zucchini corn quesadillas with goat cheese and basil, the kitchen sink  creamy, tangy, sweet. dee-lish!

linguine with slow cooked zucchini, basil and cream, kitchen window (npr)

lemon anise slush, 101 cookbooks

do you have a list of recipes that you would like to make? are there any recipes i should add to my list?

please do share!

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