Friday, June 24, 2011

you had me at oink.

(piggy print via drywell on etsy)
pork chops and chorizo and bacon, oh my!

we just bought our first half share of pork from a local ranch in orland, douglass ranch. we have a few friends that have been getting their meat this way for years and they told us that its the best, and most cost efficient way, to buy local + fresh meat. we finally decided to go ahead and pull the trigger and do it. many thanks to my (sweet + organized + super efficient) friend for researching local farms and organizing the whole piggy deal. all i had to do was drive up to her place and pick up our half of the goods. thank you!

which means we now have many pounds of bacon in our freezer. many. i am a happy girl.

we also have some chorizo, chops, a boston butt roast, shoulder roast and a ham steak in there. we are pretty excited to dive into the chorizo tomorrow for breakfast with some baby red potatoes and organic eggs from the farmers market.

the lure of that spicy pork sausage is almost enough to make me want to get up early on a saturday morning.


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