Thursday, June 9, 2011

on the agenda

happy thursday!

was it a happy thursday for you? i hope that it was. it wasnt going so great for me but then we went out to dinner and things started immediately looking up.

at sierra nevada brewery i tried a new brew, a lighter shade of pale ale, and it hit the spot. its a little lower on the alcohol percentage and much lighter and less hoppy than their signature pale ale, but  super light and tasty. we agreed that it drinks like a lawnmower beer (you know, an easy drinking lager) and would be perfect on a hot summer day. if you can get to the brewery, definitely give it a try!

im sitting here in a soft beer haze, thinking about the upcoming weekend. do you have any fabulous things planned? we dont really have anything planned except putting our new smoker to use. daniel's brother built this thing from scratch and then gave it to him as a gift and so we are trying to decide how we want to break it in!

perhaps a smoked chicken. or a pork butt? we are going to think about it a little more, but in the meantime, do you have any suggestions?

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