Friday, February 21, 2014

crockpot pulled pork

happy friday! i hope you have something fabulous planned for the weekend and will celebrate the best two days of the week in style. if you plan on staying close to home this weekend, perhaps i can convince you to fire up your slow cooker and make this juicy bit of  porky-magic happen.

"porky magic". did that sound dirty? it kinda sounded dirty to me.


moving on... 

my crockpot is my new favorite item in my kitchen. i can't believe how simple it is to do a little chopping, toss it all in the pot and end up with a hearty and satisfying meal at the end of the day.

this took me about 10 minutes of basic prep work- getting my mise en place, chopping the onion, premeasuring, and then it all went in the pot and i was good to go. my butcher didn't have any pork shoulder that wasn't frozen so i bought country ribs which are a similar cut of pork and they worked out perfectly.

we gobbled this up in no time so i didn't get a chance to snap a pretty pic of the finished product but trust me when i say it was a beauty- juicy, spicy, tender pork piled generously on a lightly toasted, local whole wheat bun and then topped with a healthy scoop of asian coleslaw.

you can find the recipe here. i only used about 1tsp of the sambal oelek and it was still pretty dang spicy so beware of that if heat isn't your thing. i'm sure it would be delicious even if you choose to leave that ingredient out.

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