Wednesday, September 25, 2013

two thumbs (and a willing fork)

who's got two thumbs and is the new food writer for the synthesis mag?

this girl!

if you follow me on facebook, you already know this juicy little tidbit, but if you aren't on the facebook then, hey! it's brand new news to ya. 

i am incredibly excited and nervous and honored to have been asked to be the food writer for the paper and though i took a couple days to "think it over" really, it was a no-brainer. i love to cook, and eat, and take pictures of my food (and his food, and hey, can i take a quick pic of your food, too?) and so this falls into the category of "perfect fit" for me. 

we eat local and shop local as much as we can and so it seemed like a natural focus for my column (wheee! MY column), edible bits, to be on local food and drink. i will be eating and drinking my way all around chico and surrounding areas (think paradise, oroville, corning, redding) and sharing what i taste, see, smell and hear with you lovely people. 

i have been busy creating a list of column topics- lucero olive oil, local wineries, new restaurants with a focus on local meats and produce, great coffee shops + bakeries, new breweries in redding (fall river brewing company and wildcard brewing) +++. i am always open to ideas so feel free to drop me a line in the comments here, on facebook or email me @ ediblebits@yahoo.

i feel so ready for this adventure and i hope that you all will come along with me and follow my column!

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