Saturday, August 31, 2013

food, life and love

you know how life sometimes feels like its on fast-forward and just continues to zoom right along, day after glorious (or not so glorious) day? i remember friends and family telling us to "just wait until you have a kiddo" and how time would start to zip by at warp speed without any regard to the pace of life that we were previously accustomed to (slower, slightly lazy).

and, boy, oh boy, its happened.  somehow a year has passed, our bebe has turned 1, the seasons have changed (and changed, and changed, and changed) and we are here. today.

even though i haven't been a presence here in this space as much as i would like to have been, i have still been a busy cook and eater.  i get in the kitchen every day and crank out nourishing (mostly) meals for the mister and i and the bebe.

i have eaten my fair share, plus maybe your fair share, too, of lumpia.

i have made zucchini pizzas and they were a little bit of a fail, watery and needed more sauce and the cheese and pepperoni really wanted to just slide right off of those little zucchini boats.

i have attended both of the fork in the road events and had a glorious time and some tasty food. i also wrote an article about the event (yay, me!) for the synthesis magazine here in chico. (pssst- there's another fork in the road coming up on wed sept 4th!)

i made a ridiculously delicious strawberry cake from america's test kitchen and wowed myself and the mister with how terrific it was. it was even terrific-er the next day. yah, i said it.

we had an amazing brunch at red tavern and i honestly have been dreaming/drooling about going back for another brunch ever since.

look at me and how happy i am with my chicken and waffles. love.

we had amazing banh mi hot dogs that pretty much blew any other boring old hot dog outta the water.

frittata, frittata, frittata. even the bebe loves frittata and it is a great, easy, tasty recipe to have in my back pocket.

bebe bacon got his first haircut and obviously loved it.

the bebe turned 1 and we had a family birthday party at a local pizza place and it was one of the best decisions i have made in a long time, my stress level was just about zero and we only had to clean up a little bit and then we were outta there. 

we were also blessed with having nixon's adoption finalization day in court on his actual birthday. so, as of august 12th, this sweet monkey is finally, officially (legally)

a member of the family!

( if you would like the recipe to any of the above food, post in the comments or on my facebook page and i will get up on it for you!)

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