Saturday, August 4, 2012

in the bag

i have been seeing this type of post all across the blogiverse and finally decided that i wanna play, too!

basically, you dump out your bag, arrange it's contents in an appealing fashion, take a few snapshots and then describe what you carry around in your bag on a daily basis (or what's in your purse right at that moment). if you have children, i know it can get pretty weird- 2 month old half-eaten granola bars, broken and random toys and a curdled sippy cup of rancid milk. i am kiddo-free as of right now, so there won't be any of that stuff in my handbag.

i always have 2 or 3 sharpie fine-tip pens shoved into my bag, they are my favorite to write and doodle with. i usually have either natural hand wipes or natural hand spray in my bag for those times that i have to use a questionable public restroom. i just switched bags a few weeks ago so i cleared out some stuff- i usually have 2-3 different little pots/roll-ons of perfume and 5 or 6 different lipgloss and lipsticks. right now i just have tocca cleopatra perfumed lotion (from anthropologie), clarins color quench lip balm #04 (it is a bright pink gloss that goes on smooth and adds a nice punch of color), benefit born ready lipstick, and np set lip gloss in mykanos from target.  i always have burt's bees peppermint chapstick in my bag and a few simple black hair ties.

the grey, tassled pouch is my wallet (anthropologie), the yellow nine west pouch holds my business cards, there are some natural hand wipes and that teal coach pouch ( a gift from a sweet friend) holds band-aids, neosporin, advil, allergy meds, tampons and cough drops.

i am a big handbag kind of girl and it was pretty funny to see that this was all the stuff that i carry around everyday in my huge bag!

what do you carry around in your bag each day and what are your essentials?

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