Thursday, June 21, 2012

kitchen love

someday, after we adopt a baby, some lovely, hopefully not too distant day, we will own a home. for that reason, i'm always browsing and searching online for terrific kitchens that speak to me and say,

 "you know you want me." 

here are a handful of cooking spaces that have been speaking to me lately...

what i like about this one-that long table (although i'm pretty sure i would have bruised hips from bumping into it all the time), the wall of windows to let in that gorgeous natural light, open shelving.

what i like- the shine of the stainless steel against the rough, dark bricks, the little bit i can see of the pendant lighting, that lone, bright yellow punch of color.

what i like- the color on the wall, the warm, worn wood floors, the racks where cups and utensils are hanging.

the chalkboard wall, love the lighting, the simple flooring, the natural light coming in.

i like to keep dried beans, pasta, rice, snacks and baking goods in mason jars and so i am in awe
of the amount of organization, money and eye appeal that this pantry holds.

the windows, that sink, the countertops.

i am in love with that antique oak cabinet that was originally made for a french store.

the pendants, that lovely backsplash (capiz shell?), the stools, even the floor.

the wall of subway tile, the modern chairs, the shelving on the left, how bright the room feels with all the white, natural light, and shiny stainless steel accents.

do you dream shop for your home? i find myself being constantly inspired by other people's spaces and can't wait until the day i can put some of that inspiration to use in our home!

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