Tuesday, May 15, 2012

things i'm a'lovin'

on sunday, the mister and i hopped in the car, filled it up with gas, and went for a random drive. you know the kind? where you just get in and go and see where that takes you? 

we decided to head up hwy 70, and ended up driving alongside the feather river. it was beautiful, a nice distraction from some not-so-fabulous stuff that we have dealing with for the last 3 weeks, and we are so glad we did it. we ended up at that spot in the the pic above, sitting on boulders in the shade, watching butterflies of different sizes and colors flutter from here to there while listening to the rush of the cold, blue river. next time, we will bring a picnic and spread out with some tasty morsels on one of those shady boulders. 

if you find yourself with an afternoon to spend doing nothing in particular, hit hwy 70 and drive. 

don't forget your picnic basket and your camera!

if you end up taking a little day trip, and need to pack a picnic, i suggest making this almond olive oil cake. it sounds like it would be just the right combo of sweet and savory.

a poem that has been getting me through the past few weeks, especially that first verse.

i love a good before and after, and i love the ombre look.

summertime always makes me crave tart/sweet lemony treats. this one sounds like it would hit all the right notes.

an adoption blog that is equal parts pure heart, humor and snark. i like.

i could use something pretty and handmade like this on my mantle.

i am currently on the hunt for the perfect, casual maxi dress. what do you think of this, this, this, this, or this?

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  1. Someone I know made a permanent addition to her forearm... "Hope is the thing with feathers"