Wednesday, March 28, 2012

things i'm a lovin'

 while the rain, clouds and cold are here, i am going to snuggle up on the couch with my favorite fuzzy throw blanket, a good book and a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy living in the (rainy) moment.

this week's list of things that i am loving, wanting, needing...

i am loving working with felt and am always looking for something new and different to make. this felt flower winter wreath is on my list. i love the pop of bright embroidery floss against the white felt.

i love striped clothing, and this coat is no exception. so cute. anthropologie does good things.

i'm in love with this huari rug. again, way to go, anthro!

bash, please is a fun place to go for modern party and wedding inspiration.

need a leather couch that is 13 ft. long? of course you do.

wild ink press is a sweet letterpress studio that is right here in my little town, right around the corner from our house in fact! they make everyday, birthday and holiday cards and they do beautiful custom work.

espresso shortbread brownie bars and other decadent goodness found here.

the torrential rain that has been falling from the sky all day made me crave some homemade soup. we had grilled cheese +  creamy roasted tomato soup tonight. so. damn. good.

what is your home decor style? i'm a vintage modern kinda girl. take the quiz here.

this dress by tracy reese needs to find a way into my closet. asafp.

poster cabaret is a great place for unique posters by artists such as blanca gomez, charley harper and amanda blake. i especially love this one by blanca gomez.

mr. brown sugar and i went to christian michaels a few weeks ago and had a lovely dinner with good friends. the meal was delish (filet mignon meatloaf wrapped in bacon) and the company was fun, but its the dessert that has really stuck in my memory- creamy cheesecake with a brownie crust. oh mama. this recipe for black bottom brownies seems like it could do the trick.

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