Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a well-stocked pantry

i find that having a well-stocked pantry and freezer is invaluable when it comes to getting a meal on the table when culinary inspiration just isn't there. every couple months, i make a big trader joe's trip to refill the freezer and pantry with all the foods that i like to have on hand for quick and simple dinners. 

trader joe's is great for this bulk shopping because they are inexpensive and many of their products are organic without the fancy organic price tag!

today's list looks a little something like this...


canned organic beans- garbanzo, black, pinto, kidney (3 of each)
canned organic tomatoes- whole + peeled, sauce, paste (3 of each)
pasta- parpadelle, whole wheat spaghetti, orzo (2 of each)
light coconut milk (4)
tuna (8)
cereal/oatmeal (3 of each)
organic almond milk (4)
olive oil/canola oil (large)
organic low sodium chicken stock (4)
organic vegetable stock (2)
organic taco shells (3)
cranberries/raisins (3 pkg each)


organic chicken breasts (3 pkg)
organic ground beef (3)
ground turkey (2)
chicken italian sausage (3) 
bacon (3)
organic peas/corn/edamame (3 of each)
butter (2)
raw cashews/almonds (3 of each)
emergency pizza (3) (tj's parlanno- nitrate-free pepperoni, sausage and red pepper)

i know that i am forgetting a few things, but i always manage to find them while i browse the aisles @ tj's. 

what do you consider essential to always have on hand in your pantry?

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