Thursday, December 8, 2011

holiday gift guide (part deux) pour homme

a few ideas on what to get the men (dad, brother, uncle, boyfriend, hubs) in your life...

leather bike 6 pack beer holder

craft beer of the month club

subscription to all about beer mag

a nice bottle of bourbon

something to put his nice bourbon in, west elm

donegal wool scarf  jcrew

make his a$$ look GOOD, in these

7 diamonds  nordstrom

diesal slim fit shirt, nordstrom

leather journal via craftSOO etsy

 leather journal way faring art etsy

any or all the seasons of it's always sunny. this show is highly inappropriate and highly entertaining.

tivoli model three clock radio

typestache poster old tom foolery

magazine subscription to rolling stone mag, maxim, wired or gq

another idea i love is to create/print out a gift certificate for a night of poker- with the promise that you will be gone (great time to have a girls night...),  you will make a snack or 2 for the boys and pick up the beer/booze for him.

i hope this little guide has inspired you! what do you plan on giving your guy this year?

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