Monday, November 7, 2011

this and that

whew! where did last week go? i feel as though i made the mistake of blinking and it went from being last tuesday to it being today.

i have been busy, busy making things-a lampshade with embroidered and handmade flowers from fabric and felt, cake stands from sweet vintage plates and cups, felt and fabric ornaments and felt garlands for a local shop, cocoon. cocoon carries vintage, gently used and upcycled clothing and goods that summer picks and chooses herself. it also carries local art of all kinds- paintings, jewelry, clothing and soaps, to name just a few.

i am happy to share that summer, the shop owner, has been kind enough to like my handmade goods and wants to sell them at her store! you will soon find my items at cocoon and you can find the shop at 1431 park avenue, across from nobby's.

if you check out cocoon's facebook page, you will see that i have also been dabbling in some photography for the shop. my photography skills are definitely a work in progress, but i'm hoping that between shooting for cocoon, this blog, and just for the love of it, that my skills will slowly improve and just keep getting better.

the mister is great at gently reminding me that the only way to get better is to practice, practice, practice.

driving home on the 99 on friday evening, i couldn't help but notice the stunning sky over the local rice fields. i am realizing that as i take more photographs, i am also noticing beauty around me more- the light in the early evening sky, the rusty gate with the sunlit greenish-yellow gingko leaves hanging over its edge, that single, tiny purple flower among the carpet of bright green clover.

i will be putting up a tutorial for my 'color gradient garland' soon and possibly a couple tutorials on how i made the flowers for the lampshade and how i made the ornaments.

i haven't posted a recipe in a week, and i know that is still within the range of "no big deal" but i am  definitely feeling the need to get in the kitchen and share my food with you. but we have been cooking- smoked tri tip with baked beans and roasted broccoli with lemon and garlic. spiced chickpeas with homemade naan. the BEST teriyaki chicken with broccoli, cabbage and carrots over local brown rice. i just haven't picked up the camera to snap pics of the food. i promise to post the recipe and photos of the tri tip hash with horseradish sauce and a fried egg on top, that we will be having for dinner on wednesday.

i swear i won't neglect you!


  1. Hey, where do you get your felt? I am looking for a good wool felt (not the thin acrylic sheets from the craft store).

    Your pics are great--I've noticed them looking more and more professional. (BTW-Butte College has a photography certificate.)

  2. i get the thin ones from the craft store, although i have been looking into ordering the more quality, prettier color sheets online. i will let you know if i find a good source.

    thank you, i have been shooting more and (daniel is right) the more i use that skill, the better its getting. i keep going back and forth on taking a photography class...card offers one sometimes,it runs 8 hours on a sunday and you bring your camera and the manual. it would be helpful to have someone explain aperture, shutter speed, lighting and all that good stuff to me.