Tuesday, October 18, 2011

spiced apple crisps

let's talk about impulse buys.

now, i don't mean that $268 top you bought on a whim at anthropologie ( i'm sure its ab-so-lutely fab. keep it, don't take it back!). i actually mean impulse food purchases.

i am a girl that loves a good salty/crunchy/ sweet snack as much as the next, and so my usual impulse buys lean towards snacky foods- barbara's natural cheese puffs, oreos, sour cream and onion pop chips and sometimes, apple chips. i try to fool myself into thinking that since the apple chips are made from apples they (duh) must be healthy, but then i get home and look at the label and see that they are actually fried, and have preservatives in them with consonant and vowel combinations that my mouth and brain are unable to form.


so what's a hungry girl to do?

make my own, of course!

i stumbled upon a new blog the other day, a cozy kitchen, and while browsing her tasty looking recipes i found one for apple chips. that are baked. with no fat!

i was a happy girl. i may have even done a little dance.

this is another simple recipe with stellar results. basically, use a mandoline and slice the apples as thin as it allows. sprinkle with spices, and just a touch of sugar, and bake @ 200 degrees for a little over an hour.

you end up with spiced, crunchy, utterly addictive apple chips.

and they are healthy!

these make a sweet little afternoon snack or they would be delish sprinkled on some oatmeal or cereal.

i made 2 batches, i followed the recipe for the first batch, and used just cinnamon and a little sugar in the 2nd batch. both ways are so good. i found it easier to evenly distribute the spices + sugar by sprinkling the apple slices once they were on the baking sheet instead of tossing the apple slices with the spices in a bowl.

i ended up cooking mine for a little longer than 1 hour 15 minutes to get them to crisp, i think the time you will need to cook them is related to how juicy your apples are. so, maybe start checking your slices at 1 hour and be willing to cook them longer, if needed.

get on this...

recipe from a cozy kitchen

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