Sunday, October 16, 2011

a potluck + outdoor movie night

last night, i made the pancetta + shallot mac and cheese while daniel dug our camping chairs from the depths of the garage, then we grabbed a blanket and the camera and headed to earl + meegan's house for a potluck and an outdoor movie.

there was a pot of thick chili bubbling away on the stove and that was the aroma greeted us when we stepped foot in the door. meegan and earl are both excellent cooks, and whenever we are invited over to break bread with them, we love the sweet anticipation of sitting down for a delicious meal that was lovingly prepared by dear friends.

the set up outside on the deck was perfect for an outdoor dinner + movie, simple and charming. silverware was tumbled into glass jars, nice plates, some paper bowls and napkins for easy post potluck clean up and a few candles were lit here and there.

dinner consisted of a huge pot of chili with all the fixins, a creamy ceasar salad and the macaroni and cheese that we brought. simple. delicious. comfort food.

on to the movie!

we watched a double header- goonies first since we had a 3 year old there for the first part of the night, and then the rob zombie version of halloween after the little one went home to bed.

ben and melissa's family owns a & j party center, and so they brought the pa system, popcorn machine and the screen. thank you and high fives to them both!

we had never been to an outdoor movie, and it ended up being just as fun as we thought it would be! we all brought chairs and blankets to set up on the deck and as soon as the sun went down we started the movie. if you haven't done this, i highly suggest it. so much fun!

there was popcorn, hot apple cider simmering in a crock pot, and a sweet millie-dog ( this was her smiling at me even though she looks ferocious).

it was so good to hang out with some great friends and sit under the stars to dine and watch a flick. thank you, earl and meegan for a great night!

good times!


  1. Thank you for coming! Too much Rum 'n Coke for me, tho :( I missed morning and didn't adjust my fantasy football lineup— which really wouldn't have helped, anyway.

    What we didn't mention to the squeemish (not you, of course) was that the chili was Meegan's experiment cooking from our CSA (Turkey Tail Farms). Last night you had Leg of Goat and Pork sausage chili. We thought some of the guests would be less than enthusiastic about eating goat, so we didn't tell you!

    Muwaaahahahahaaaa— we need to have movie night more often. That was a blast. Off to clean the popcorn machine!

  2. p.s. Millie is FEROCIOUS! That's her "you're supposed to be petting me" snarl.

  3. mmm...the goat and pork chili was awesome. hooray for turkey tail!