Thursday, October 13, 2011

pasta with vodka sauce

if i had super extra long arms, i would give my freaky self a super awesome pat on the back.

this sauce is that good.

i'm also feeling pretty proud of myself since i was able to pull this dinner together with items that i already had in the house.

feelin' pret-ty smug up in here!

i took a can of organic diced tomatoes and simmered them with an onion and a few tablespoons of butter. i let it cool and gave it a whirl in the food processor.

then, i added the cup of vodka (any time i can put booze in my cooking, i'm a happy girl) and simmered it for 20 minutes. after the 20 minutes, i added the cream and simmered it for about 5 minutes.

next came the grated parmigiano reggiano. i think the good stuff, the real deal parm, is what tastes best here.

i cooked up some linguine, browned some ground turkey, added that to the sauce and then piled the sauce on the pasta.

way to go, giada. well done!

penne alla vodka sauce recipe via giada de laurentiis

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